What is the payment policy of most plastic surgeon regarding Revision Rhinoplasty? Should my surgeon take responsibility?

I am unhappy with my rhynoplasty results. My plastic surgeon however, is on medical leave. His office closed down. I was referred to another surgeon that will charge me for the revision of my rhynoplasty. Does my first surgeon not have some responsibility?

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What is the payment policy of most plastic surgeon regarding Revision Rhinoplasty? Should my surgeon take responsibility?

I am sorry to hear about your disappointment with the results of the surgery.  Policy regarding coverage of expenses for revisionary surgery will vary from office to office and probably on a case-by-case basis as well. Costs of revisionary surgery may range from zero,  to anesthesia/surgery center fees, to discounted surgeon's fees.

Generally, successful plastic surgeons rely on positive word-of-mouth and will work hard to maintain satisfied patients.  Also, generally speaking, I suggest patients communicate their concerns in a calm and constructive fashion; this form communication tends to be much more effective than confrontational communication.

Best wishes; hopefully through courteous/respectful communication you and your plastic surgeon will be able to work out a plan to achieve your goals.

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How much time til revision?

Often the time element is taken in to consideration, i.e. whether or not the surgery was performed years ago. My own policy is to not charge a surgeons fee for a revision from a recent surgery. Sometimes an anesthesia charge or charge for new implants would also be included.

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Revision Financial Implications

That's a tough question. Each surgeon establishes their own office policy on revisionary work. I do not charge a surgeon's fee for revisionary work that I agree is outside of the expected outcome. The patient is responsible for operating room and anesthesia fees when utilized. If I can improve the outcome to both of our expected level safely in the office under local we can avoid the anesthesia and operating room cost for the patient. If your surgeon is not currently practicing, I would expect another surgeon to charge you as a new patient. If your surgeon has a personal relationship with the surgeon he or she referred you to and agrees that you need a revision, he or she may be able to work out a reduced fee for you with the new surgeon. Each situation is unique. I would work closely with your initial surgeon for guidance. I also recommend waiting a minimum of 9-12 months before undergoing any revisionary rhinoplasty work. Your body needs that time period to fully heal.

Good Luck

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