If the Point of Plastic Surgery is to Look Better, Should People Go to Doctors of the Opposite Sex?

I am a male and would like to get certain facial surgery procedures done. Including rhinoplasty, chin implant and a more masculine jawline. Where I am having a problem is wondering if I should go to a surgeon of the opposite sex. I don't see how a male can understand the aesthetics of another male? Is their some sort of training that males and females both get to work on both sexes? Would you recommend that males seek out female surgeons especially attractive ones??

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Female v. Male surgeon

All surgeons undergo training on both male & female patients and are taught aesthetic guidelines for both sexes. Te more important consideration is the background & experience of your surgeon and whether you feel comfortable discussing your concerns with her or him. A skilled surgeon is comfortable operating on all patients. 

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There are many fine women surgeons.

I personally disagree with your premise. However, there are sufficient numbers of talented and well trained women surgeons out there, that you can most likely find a woman surgeon who you are comfortable with.  All other thing being equal, confidence in your surgeon is very important. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Plastic Surgery and the opposite sex

You should consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who you are comfortable with.  I would recommend you see several if possible.  I do not think that surgeon gender is specifically important.

Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon
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