How Does the Plastic Surgeon Get Rid of Scar Bumps from Invisible Sutures?

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Bumps from "invisible sutures"

Sorry, but I need more information. Is this in the upper eyelids?  Was this from an Asian Blepharoplasty without upper eyelid incisions or are they from the incision scars? How long has it been since your procedure? I would ask your surgeon if these are permanent sutures left in or absorbing sutures. It may be necessary to remove a permanent suture if it creates a bump. If the bump is from a scar and there is no suture, then I place a small amount of steroid in the thickened area or bump. A bump may also be an inclusion cyst. Some irregularity in the scars can occur during the healing process and this will diminish over time so patience is is necessary for the scar resolution process to complete itself. We will sometimes use a small amount of Prosil or other silicone gel products too. Massaging the scars is also helpful. Discuss these healing issues with your surgeon or consider seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in eyelid or Asian Belpharoplasty surgery for a second opinion. 

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Bumps Along Upper Eyelid Incision Line

    The bumps along the upper eyelid incision line may be milia, which can be unroofed.  A physical exam would be needed to determine the actual treatment needed, if any.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Invisible Sutures

Presumably the invisible sutures you are referring to are absorbable sutures. These sutures melt. Any bumps from them typically resolve in a matter of weeks.If bumps persist longer, consult your surgeon to determine what is happening.

Michael Horn, MD
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Bumps from 'invisible' sutures

should dissipate with time.  I am assuming your 'invisible' suture implies a dissolvable suture.  If so, most bumps simply go away as the suture dissolves.  If they persist and are noticeable, you should discuss this with your surgeon.  There is a small handful of patients that could be having a reaction to the suture.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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