Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon for Facial Fat Injections in NYC?

I am from Northeastern PA. Provide multiple names of specialists for this please.

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Fat Transfer

There are many good Plastic surgeons in NY.

Sydney Coleman. He championed fat transfer.

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That would be me, naturally of course!

Hi Debby,

The best answer I  can give you is that you need to be seen by a surgeon who has lots of experience in fat injections.  Fat injections are increasing in popularity at a very fast rate and more and more physicians are offering them.  The market behind fat injections has also spurred on many medical device companies that are selling "fat injection packages/equipment" to make the technique "faster and easier".

As always, experience and knowledge of anatomy is what will serve a physician best in helping you. Be ready also for the fact that succesful fat injections will typically require several visits to ensure the fat is grafted properly and has the best chance to survive.  My personal bias is that a facial plastic surgeon will have the most in depth knowledge and experience with facial anatomy and experience given that facial plastic surgeons have been behind the "rebirth" of fat injections.

Keep doing your research as there are plenty of us surgeons in Manhattan and don't be afraid to directly ask the surgeons how much experience they have in this technique and to speak with former patients to see how satisfied they have been (this is important as fat injections done incorrectly have a very high failure rate).

Good luck to you!

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Fat Augmentation

The pioneer for fat augmentation and grafting procedures is Sydney Coleman, M.D. in New York City.

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