Should the Plastic Surgeon Do a Biopsy on the Breast Before the Surgery?

I had had a breast reduction in 2009, 2010 I was diagonised with invasive ductal cancernoma. I want to to know if the surgeon bridged protocol by not performing a mammogram and or a biopsy on my breast before the reduction .

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Breast reduction

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Breast biopsy prior to reduction is not normal protocol. Mammograms can be done if indicated, but may not show microscopic breast cancer. After a reduction the tissue is usually sent to a pathologist and examined. You should be able to get these records from your surgeon if you feel the need.

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Mammogram or Biopsy before Breast Reduction Surgery?

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I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma;  hopefully, at this point you have undergone successful treatment. To answer your question, there is no specific “protocol” when it comes to mammogram or biopsy of breasts before breast reduction surgery. Much will depend on the specific patient's age, family history, and/or the presence of suspicious lesions.

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Breast Biopsy before Breast Reduction

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There is no protocol for mammogram or biopsy prior to breast reduction. I usually have patients who are 40 year old and older get a mammogram prior to surgery. Patients who have a significant family history of breast cancer, I will usually recommend a mammogram for payients 30 years old and older.

Breast biopsy before breast reduction?

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Not all patients require a mammogram before breast reduction surgery, and random biopsies of tissue are not recommended in non-suspicious breasts..

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Breast reduction and biopsy

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Lesions get biopsies, not breasts. If you are under 40, then mammogram would not typically be performed nor would it have been covered by insurance. The entire amount resected should be sent for pathological analysis. IDC is a difficult disease and I hope your's was diagnosed early.

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