What is the Best Placement, Texture and Profile? (photo)

I am getting ready for my third surgery. I have had silicone implants, over the muscle for 25 years. My last surgery used mentor textured anatomical, I have had visible wrinkles from the start. I believe from size/weight and going braless, I am sagging a great deal. My right breast has changed shape resently, contracture. Anyway, it seems that under the muscle is the recommended placement. I am conserned about my 550cc above the muscle pockets. Looking for other opinions and/or reassurance.

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Sagging breasts

This is a tough issue.Your breasts are widely separated and they seem to be quite firm which is due to the size of the implants as well as capsular contracture.Also it seems your soft tissue coverage is minimal and perhaps relocating the implants under the muscle,silicone only,and doing soem fat grafting to the medial part of your breast to enhance soft tissue coverage may be the way to go.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Smooth Implants Placed Under Muscle Typically Provides Best Result

I virtually always use smooth implants whether silicone or saline and place them under the muscle.  I feel this gives best result with lowest chance of rippling.  It appears that your implants are too large which may also be contributing to the problems.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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