Is the PermaLip Implant a Good "Stealth" Surgery? Can I Hide It from my Husband, or Will He Feel It? (photo)

I have a consultation to get the PermaLip implant in January, and my husband does not know about it. How many days should I plan on 'disappearing' for? and will he be able to feel something hard in my lips?

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How long before lip implants feel normal

Lips are very sensitive and they have great blood supply.  If I thumped your lip with my finger, it would swell up.  With that in mind, the insertion of a lip implant may produce some swelling that may last for several weeks.  On the flip side of that coin, I have also had patients who looked great the next day but, since you are trying to hide this from the hubby, I would suggest planning for the worst case scenario and then being pleasantly surprised if it doesn't happen. 

It took me a long time to become a believer in a permanent lip implant but I have had great results using the PermaLip implants.  They are very soft from the onset and tend to stay that way.  The only real problem I have encountered with them is that they can shift their position, sliding to one side of the lip or the other and causing some bunching up.  To eliminate that risk, I usually put a small stitch at each end of the implant to hold it in position.

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PermaLip Recovery

Thank you for your question. Following implantation with the PermaLip (Perma Facial) implant, some degree of swelling is expected. Swelling typically reaches a maximum within about 24 hours following the procedure, then improves daily so that it is mostly (but not entirely) resolved by 7 days after the procedure. Most women feel comfortable being seen in public by about 7-10 days following the procedure. However, final resolution of the swelling takes a little longer. Speak with your surgeon about measures that you may consider taking to facilitate resolution of that swelling. A kissing partner cannot feel the implant. However, the implant may be detectable when the lip is held or rolled between your fingers.

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Hiding Lip Surgery From Your Husband: Good Luck!

Permalip implants enhance the lips to a noticable degree.  The lips become a bit firmer, although not hard.   It will be difficult to hide the results of this procedure from your husband due to swelling after the procedure, shape change of the lips, and the firmer feel upon kissing.   An injectable filler would be a better option!

Best wishes,    Dr. Bresnick

Stephen Bresnick, MD
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Worst thing you can do to your lips

I truly think it's a malpractice to place permanent lip implants. You mess up the natural beauty and end up with unnatural looking duck lips, like two sausages on top of each other. Not only your husband, but entire human race would know that you had lip implants, like housewives of Beverly hills. Please read about Valentine lip rejuvenation, and see before and after pictures at if you wanna have natural and beautiful looking lips.

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Can You Feel Lip Implants?

Permalip (silicone implant) or Soft Form Implants (PTFE)  in my experience are firm to the touch and would most likely be noticed by your husband. You would also have significant swelling as part of the recovery process that would be noticeable. Fillers are your best bet.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Permalip downtime

Permalip is a great procedure for patients that have undergone other injectables in the past and wish to have a long lasting solution. It's a small Procedure is done under local anesthesia, however, because it is done in an area of the lips which can easily swell, recovery can be slightly prolonged. I would say you would need one week of social downtime prior to it being noticed.

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
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