How Can I Get the Perlane Rebate?

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Perlane and rebates

Check the Perlane website for the most current updates and specials offered, then be sure to discuss with your provider whether or not they are honoring those. They aren't always offering a rebate but they do regularly stay competitive and offer discounts.

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How to get the Perlane rebate

You can look up the Perlane offer terms and conditions by following the following link to the Medicis web site:


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Perlane rebates are available from the RestylaneUSA website

Look for Perlane rebates in your browser.  That should lead you to the proper page on the RestylaneUSA website.  You will be directed to fill out some forms.  You can also look for a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area that performs Perlane injections.  Making sure your injecting physician has the proper training and experience with Perlane injections is an important part of the successful outcome of the procedure.

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