What is the Percentage of Open and Closed Rhinoplasties Done Per Year?

please I need to know for a paper i am working on, also could you list the different reasons people decide to have one, thanks

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Great Question and I don't know that anyone has the answer.

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While many individual studies have been published describing the percentage of endonasal (closed) vs open rhinoplasty approach.  To my knowledge none has been published for the entire community.  I suspect that the question won't be answered as there isn't a really good reason to answer the question.  The technique used to get the job done is much less important that how proficient the surgeon is at the technique they are using. 

Open versus closed rhinoplasties

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From what I have read, the literature is pretty evenly split between the number of open and closed rhinoplasties that are done each years. I would do an internet search on medical publications for more accurate statistics if you need them.

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