I Think I'm the First Patient Getting Permalip from Reputable Doctor, Safe?

scheduled to get permalip implants on top and bottom lips. 5mm on top 4 mm on lower.I realized when I asked for before and after photos I was ignored and the subject changed quickly. I did a lot of research and saw a ton of his work. Which was very good but nothing about the permalip. The Dr himself stated its not very popular yet. He's a very good board cert surgeon. I'm just worried about being the first especially because it wasnt admitted. If in fact I am his first should I be worried?

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Permalip implants for fuller lips

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Permalip is a great option for permanent fuller lips.  I think you will be happy with them.  As long as you feel that your doctor is on the same page as you, I would not worry about not being able to see the before and after pictures.  You should feel 100% comfortable prior to proceeding with any elective procedure.

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Permalip implants

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Permalip implant are a great product for fuller lips.  If you have doubts regarding your surgeon prior to surgery, seek a second opinion.  It is best for the patient and surgeon to go into surgery with both on the same page.

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