Could the Pain in my Breast Be from the Implant Trying to Drop into the Pocket? (photo)

In Jan 2011 I had breast lift and implants.. After 4 moths I had the double bubble. Dr lowered the implant then the entire breast hardened. so I had surgery to remove the capsule. That implant rode high and had caplular contraction. Then the implant was removed for 4 months. In Dec the dr put a new implant in. Now it's March 2012 and the implant is still high and causing great pain through to my shoulder. I lay on a heating pad with an ice pack on my breast. Could the implant be dropping?

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High implants and shoulder pain after multiple surgeries

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There are some that just can't tolerate implants.  They form bad capsules no matter what is done.  Your scarring may be effecting your pectoralis minor muscle, which should be under the upper pocket, effecting the pull on your shoulder joint.  I would suggest removing the implants, probably revising your lift, and getting some good physical therapy for your shoulder.  Good luck and hope you are better by now.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Pain

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With such a limited picture and no before picture to compare, it is very difficult to give you specific advice.  Also, it may be due to the angle of the camera, but it looks like you have a very large implant and that alone may be the cause of your issues.  I would suggest discussing your concerns with your surgeon.


Good Luck.

Breast pain

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Without knowing exactly what was done for you, it is difficult to say. It does sound like you have a potential for developing another capsule.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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