I Had the Otoplasty Treatment Done 2 Years Ago. My Results Are Far from from What I Expected? (photo)

 Is There Any Way Back from This?What treatment would you recommend for me after such a terrible operation. Will this cost a fortune or should this covered i the after care. Thanks

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Otoplasty Dissatisfaction

Hello Stelufc-

The results of your otoplasty reflect asymmetry and the mid and upper ear rim being too close to your scalp. The good news is that should be able to be adjusted so that your helical rims are more symmetric and about 1.8-2cm from your scalp (as measured from behind with a straight ruler).

It may be time to revisit this with your original surgeon and/or get a second opinion.

Best of luck.

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My Results Are Far from from What I Expected?

I can see why you are disappointed in your ear surgery as the ear do not look natural.  The shape of your ears can be corrected.  You might wish to discuss with your original surgeon.  If you went to another surgeon, the cost would probably be similar to your original surgery.


John F. Reinisch, MD
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