Does the original amount of fat affect how high a percentage Cool Sculpting will take away?

I have been told that Cool Sculpting eliminates around 20% (sometimes 30%) of the fat cells in the treated area. Now I wonder if Cool Sculpting will eliminate a higher percentage of fat cells if the treated area has a lower amount of fat to begin with? Or is it the opposite? I am asking since I was told that my stomach has the lowest amount of fat that can still be treated (i.e. I have a fat pouch which is big enough, but it is on the verge of being too small).

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Does the original amount of fat affect how high a percentage Cool Sculpting will take away?

Thanks for your question. Coolsculpting kills 20-25% of the fat in the treated area. The more fatty tissue that you can get into the headpiece the more fat cells you are going to kill. Best of luck. 

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Coolsculpting and Fat reduction

Coolsculpting is a great technique for reducing fat in a given area.  Generally the fat is reduced by 20 to 30% of fat in a given area.  The procedure generally works the same in all patients who are good candidates.  If you can "pinch and inch" you are a good candidate.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist who has a great deal of experience with cool sculpting for the best results.

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CoolSculpting and Low Body Fat

Coolsculpting will treat the fat that is drawn into the applicator.  It is important to consult with a trusted provider to determine if this treatment is right for your body.  My staff has treated many patients who are lean and have low body fat, but struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise will not reduce.  If you can pinch an inch of fat in the area you want treated, you should have enough to treat with CoolSculpting.  My practice has seen excellent results in these patients who are truly sculpting their body to reduce these small isolated areas of fat.  Another factor in getting good Coolsculpting results is choosing the right applicator and placement for your body.

My practice is the top provider of CoolSculpting in our area and we offer buy one get one free instant rebates.  We also have two machines to give treatment in half the time.  You can find more information on my website and learn about how CoolSculpting Complete helps to eliminate fat cells more efficiently.

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CoolSculpting Fat Reduction

Good question. Each treatment can result in a 25% reduction in fat. The issue is how much fat and associated skin can be drawn into the machine for the treatment. That can be evaluated at the time of the treatment. If not much skin and fat can be pulled into the handpiece, then you may not get the desired result. Each person should be evaluated by the physician to see if they are good candidates for the procedure. Ask your physician what's right for you.

Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., MD, FACS
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Percentage of Fat Removed with CoolSculpt

Yes, the CoolSculpt device can eliminate approximately 20-30 percent of fat in a given area. It is important to achieve good suction of the tissues to be treated. Any fatty tissue that is captured in the device can and will be treated. The percentage treated is fixed but the real issue is whether the tissue in question can be captured by the machine! If it can, then go for it. Best of luck!

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Coolsculpting kills about 23% of the fat in area frozen

Studies on humans showed an average fat reduction of 23%, this did not change significantly between study subjects. The reason is that the caliper into which the fat is vacuumed and frozen is a fixed size. No matter how much fat there is, only a certain amount of fat can fit into the caliper and be frozen. Whatever gets frozen loses 23% of the fat cells. You want as much of your fat to get into that caliper!

Rutledge Forney, MD
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CoolSculpting Fat Loss

Hello and thanks for your question. The CoolSculpting company states that with a single CoolSculpting treatment up to 35% of the fat in the treated area can be eliminated. This, however, varies widely and I would not base a treatment on these numbers. Ideal candidates can have more or less of a fat reduction based on various factors. The most important of which would be maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program. This will make sure you get the best results. You should make sure you get a consultation from an experienced CoolSculpting provider and view their before and after pictures to see what kind of results they have been getting. Good luck, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
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