What is the Best Option to Straighten my Nose, Gym or Yoga (pranayam) or Any Other?

Dear sir I had my septoplasty done before 6 years. Breathing has become lot easier since then. But my nose isn't straight specially at the tip. How can the shape of my nose be improved. What are the risks of repeated septoplasty? What are the risks of cosmetic surgery? Regards

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Revision Septoplasty

Straightening the tip of the nose may involve septoplasty or reshaping the other cartilage pieces in the tip. The risks of cosmetic surgery need to be discussed in detail, and they need to be specific for the patient's surgery and needs. 



Dr. Zoumalan

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Working out at the gym or Yoga will not straighten your nose

The only way to straighten your nose involves surgery. Yes, there is a higher risk for complications when undergoing a revision septoplasty, in particular, septal perforations. Schedule an appointment for consultation with an experienced nasal surgeon to obtain more details about improving the appearance of your nose with surgery. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
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