What's the Best Option for Poland's Syndrome if You Have Scoliosis As Well?

I've always had breast asymmetry; but, I believe it's Poland's Syndrome. I have what appears to be a missing pectoralis & loss of my anterior axillary fold. Additionally, the circumference of my arm is smaller when compared to the left. With this constellation of issues, I'm left with a unilateral scooped out (hunch-like) appearance. I've looked into reconstructive surgery; however, I also have scoliosis (which I had surgically corrected over 10 years ago). Can the lat dorsi still be used?

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Yes your own tissue can be used for breast reconstruction for Poland's Syndrome

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Yes a latissimus dors flap can be used for Poland's Syndrome breast reconstruction.  The abdomen is also a very good source of tissue.  I recommend that you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation to examine you and better explain your options.

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