What Would Be the Best Option for Fixing my Teeth? (photo)

One of my two front teeth sticks out further than the other and is also noticeably longer. This has always bothered my and I`d like to know what could be done about it. There is also a gap between the two and another seperating that tooth from another. Is it possible the longer tooth could perhaps be shortened or filled down and be pushed back to line up with the other? Also what could be done about the gaps?

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Orthodontics first

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I'd recommend going the least invasive way first.  I think most of the results you desire can be accomplished by simple orthodontics.  We don't want to cut into a tooth if we don't have to. If after the braces are removed and there are still gaps and/or length discrepencies, you can always do bonding or veneers, to get your desired result.

Los Angeles Dentist

Best Option For Fixing Your Teeth

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From the photo, it appears that you have a very narrow upper arch. You should definitely have an orthodontic consultation for braces with an upper palatal expansion appliance. Invisalign will not accomplish what you need.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Treatment options for fixing my teeth

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Very hard to tell from only one photo but I would consider orthodontics before restorative to fix your issues.  Speak to your dentist about possible options that you may have. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Treatment Options

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It is difficult to tell from just one photo, but I would recommend you consider orthodontics as a first option.  It could address the concerns you expressed as well as aligning what appears to be a poor bite and narrow arches.  Bonding or veneers could solve some of your specific tooth complaints, but would not address the bite issues.

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