What's the best option to fix one crooked tooth?

Hi doctors, thanks for viewing my question. I am a 25yr old male and have always been self conscious of my smile. I maintain pretty good oral health. My bottom row of teeth is nearly perfectly straight - and overall, my top row is straight as well. That being said, however, one of my central incisors is turned outwards. It is very noticeable and unflattering, especially in photographs. What kind of treatment do you suggest I seek? I definitely don't want to get braces at my age.

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Two methods to Correct One Front Tooth

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Hi Brooks88 There are two ways you can make your tooth esthetically pleasing so your smile will be perfect with a straight tooth. Invisalign Express will align the tooth and you will be done. You can also choose a veneer. The problem is the veneer requires removal of the tooth structure and you are very young to start this and you have very nice teeth. I would opt for the Invislaign Express since it straightens you teeth and you keep your natural ones!

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