What Are the Odds of Having Permanent Raised Scars with a Breast Lift/augmentation and Tummy Tuck if Prone to Calcium Deposits?

I am seriously considering a breast lift w/ augmentation and a tummy tuck, but I am concerned about scarring. I generally have not had a problem with scarring, but I have two spots on my calf where I have a raised, hard, scar-like bump. A dermatologist once told me that they are calcium deposits from some sort of trauma to the skin. My fear is that my skin will heal oddly after cosmetic surgery and I will have these deposits on my breast/abdomen. What are the odds of this happening?

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Scars with a Breast Lift/augmentation and Tummy Tuck

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You will of course have scars from your proposed surgery. Since in general you say you have not had trouble with scarring, I would not think the presence of these two lesions have any bearing on the outcome of the scars on your breasts and abdomen. 

Do show these scars, as well as the others, and at the sites of any piercings you may have had, and all can be predictive of future scarring. I would be hesitant to compare a scar from trauma with one from a properly performed incision at surgery.

Thanks for your question and best wishes.


Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Leg scars are poor predictors of breast and abdominal scars

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Thank you for your question. Leg scars are generally very poor predictors of scars on the breast and abdomen after cosmetic surgery. Traumatic scars are also generally much worse that a scar produced by an experienced plastic surgeon during cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon should to all that he/she can to reduce your scars and give you instructions on how to care for them after surgery. I recommend taping for 2-3 months after surgery or silicone sheeting. Good luck.

Bumps on legs do not correlate with "bad scars" after breast lift and tummy tuck!

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The lesions on your leg are more likely dermatofibromas (very common benign lesions firm to the touch and slightly dark in coloration), and have no bearing on whether or not you might have hypertrophic scarring after breast surgery.

Your overall genetic make-up is the determining factor as to scarring tendencies, but much more important is the skill, precision, suture material choice, and tension on the wounds that go along with your choice of surgeon. Post-op scar care (such as Vitamin E massage, silicone scar sheets, ScarGuard or Mederma, and ultraviolet avoidance) can also affect your final scar appearance.

But "calcium deposits" are something you DON'T have to worry about! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Calcium deposits in scar is rare

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You might have misunderstood your dermatologist. Calcium deposits in the skin and scar are rare and caused by metabolic disorders and chronic wounds. Hard bumps on the calf in women are more often a benign skin lesion called angiofibroma. Have your surgeon take a look during your tummy tuck consultation.

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