Can the Nose Be Straightened and Narrowed at the Same Time? (photo)

I have some questions: Can my nose be straightened and de-projected without widening the nose from the front view? I noticed in many before/after photos that the front view becomes wider than before and i don't want this to happen to me since my nose is already wide Can my nose be narrowed and straightened at the same time? can a rhinoplasty make my nose look shorter and smaller? will the surgery affect my breathing? I'm in Texas and I would like to get recommendations on surgeons in this area.

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Thinned and Narrowed Nose

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Yes, there are multiple options that will help de-emphisize your nose while still maintaining the thinness and width.  Engage a surgeon for a full consultation.  Examine before and after photos and see if their results are in sinc with your expectations.  Good luck!

Kansas City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes it can - it is done almost all the time

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During the rhinoplasty procedure your nose can get straightened and narrowed at the same time. Skilled and experienced board certified plastic surgeon can do amazing job.  During the consultation I am usually able to do computer simulation for my patients to present them with final results. We do discuss limitations of the procedure and you need to have real expectations. During the exam I determine if the patient’s septum is deviated and need to be also repaired. It is quite important to make sure you will not have any breathing problems after the surgery. Please make sure you do your research and choose the best of the best. I wish you all the best.

Nose Can be Narrowed and Deprojected Simultaneously

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Yes, the nose can be narrowed and deprojected at the same time. Some extra incisions are made around the nostrils and small wedges of tissue removed to narrow the nose. The scars from this procedure are not noticeable after full healing has occurred.

Changes in the nose

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Your nose be straightened and de-projected without widening the nose from the front view, but there are risks to decreasing airflow if performed too aggressively.  The tip of your nose droops and this can be corrected and give the appearance of a shorter/smaller nose. Russell Kridel, MD is a great surgeon in Texas and a good one to compare others against.


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James M. Ridgway, MD

James M. Ridgway, MD, FACS
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Can the Nose Be Straightened and Narrowed at the Same Time?

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 This is a great question.  In Rhinoplasty, when we talk about removing the dorsal hump, this is accomplished by removing the top of the nasal bone creating the hump.  The nasal bones are then closed by breaking the bones at their base (my preferred method) or at an intermediate location (less effective IMHO).  When the bones are broken, as described, this makes them moveable and this is how the nasal bones are straightened.

  When the nasal cartilage(s) are also crooked, they can be trimmed to make the nose appear more straight but cartilage does have memory and the nose is rarely perfectly straight.  The aesthetic goal of any Rhinoplasty, IMO, is to create a naturally, more attractive nose and this does not require one that's perfectly straight.  Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, during a rhinoplasty your nose cn be straightened and narowed at the same time. make sure you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for this procedure and keep in mind that you will not see final results unitl a year post-op.

Rhinoplasty specialists have a great deal of experience and do natural noses.

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Rhinoplasty specialists have a great deal of experience and do natural noses if you are smart. Your nose is not wide and the hump makes it look narrow. The bridge should be the distance between your eyes and NOT narrower. Look at the surgeon's work and go to the one whose noses you like,

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Straightening and narrowing nose during rhinoplasty

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It is possible for a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon to both straighten and narrow your nose during your surgery. It can also be made shorter and smaller as well. You should look for a board certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon who has a particular interest in rhinoplasty.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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YES, you can have what you are looking for....

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YES, you can expect to have smaller and straighter nose without sacrificing your breathing.  Certain maneuvers can be done to maintain your nasal breathing (or make it better) and not make you nose noticeably wider.  Texas is a big place.  There are may very good nasal surgeons there.  Try to get a recommendation from a friend or someone you trust.  Otherwise you can go to the rhinoplasty society website, a good place to start.

Farzad R. Nahai, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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