Does the Nose Get Longer from the Profile when It's Lifted?

My nose is not a short nose. It is droopy, and I will get it lifted. However, a doctor I consulted said that it would be more projected once it is lifted. I don't want to be pinokio! I'm a small girl, and I am afraid of my nose being long. So, my question to you wonderful doctors is, does nose get longer from the side once it is lifted?

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Rhinoplasty for droopy nose

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 there are many procedures that can be performed on the nose during the rhinoplasty procedure. When lifting the tip up up on a droopy nose the projection will usually be reduced, not increased. Virtual rhinoplasty software is available  on our website for  you give  yourself an idea of what your new nose might look like. Please see the link below for examples of droopy noses we have her fixed in our practice

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Nasal Length and Tip Projection in Rhinoplasty

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Do not confuse projection with an absolute increase in nasal length. As you lift a nose, its length will be shortened even though the tip will have more projection. (opening of nasolabial angle and a more forward positioning) In some cases, it may be adviseable to shorten the tip projection as it is lifted.

Projection and droopy tip

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Alterations in a droppy tip may produce more projection due to the lift. But the projection can be controlled with various maneuvers during the operation.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Does the Nose Get Longer from the Profile when It's Lifted?

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This can occur with a droopy tip. When the tip is lifted or rotated into a correct position it can project further away from the cheeks. This can be remedied by deprojecting the tip (bringing it closer to the cheeks). There are surgical maneuvers that specifically rotate and deproject the tip for this very reason. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be well aware of these issues and how to handle them during surgery. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Correction of Drooping Tip

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There are multiple choices when correcting a drooping tip. Projection can be increased or decreased at the same time. An experienced surgeon will individualize the procedure to meet the needs of each patient.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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