What Are the Normal Symptoms That a Female Patients Feel After Having a Full Tummytuck, After Week 6?

when the surgery goes well, the post op went smooth, no infections, bleeding. What is commonly experienced in regards to pain, swelling, discomfort, limitations. For how long should the patient not excersice, what are the do's and don't. How soon will it take for the patient to be able to feel like their RealSelf?

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Normal Symptoms

Every patient is different, every surgeon is different. Getting a list of do's and don'ts and learning limitation is something that you should review with your surgeon who know you and knows what precisely was done. What I tell my patients may be entirely inappropriate advice to you.

Most patients at six weeks are getting back toward full normal activities and pretty much all are back to work. Recovering completely from a major operation takes longer--usually about 3 months or so.

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