Does the New Zoom WhiteSpeed Machine Still Use Gel, or is It Just the Light?

The new Zoom WhiteSpeed machine creates less sensitivity than the traditional Zoom machine. read online says that "blue light emitting diodes" whiten the teeth. Can the light used in the traditional machine too. Is a gel still applied to teeth, or is the whitening completely achieved by the lights?

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It's the gel, not the light, that gets the job done.

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There is a great debate out there whether or not the light is even necessary, be it the old light or the new. It's really the gel that's doing the whitening.

New York Dentist

Zoom whitening works with UV and LED light

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The machines are emitting different type of lights. The chemical placed on the teeth respond to the light and get activated and more intense in efficacy. If  already have sensitive teeth, professional whitening is better than take  home kits in one way that it is one time of exposure,  and you can get your teeth ready by using special desensitizing gels 1 week prior to the appointment and reduce the chance of sensitivity. On the other hand, the take home kit  gives you the opportunity to do your whitening in increments should you have sensitivity that the stronger chemical in professional system use.  

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

New Zoom WhiteSpeed

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Glad you asked. No, the procedure is the same and I feel the company is not being totally forthright.  I called the company and specifically asked "what's so great/new about this new light?"  I was told the main difference is that the WhiteSpeed lamp is an LED lamp compared to a UV lamp that last years model had.  The advantage to this is that the Dentist will likely get 50,00 hours of use vs 200 hours before we need to change the lamp inside the machine.  Not enough of a reason to change lamps in my opinion. 

So to answer you question, the procedure is still the same for the patient.  The Dental office will place gel on your teeth in addition to the light for about 15 minutes per cycle for a total of 4 cycles.  Hope this clarifies things.  Good Luck!

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
Long Island Dentist

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The new Zoom light is an LED light which is still required to activate the bleach which is still applied to you teeth.  There are no other differences. 

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