What's the Best, Most Natural, Long Lasting and Price Efficient Between These? (photo)

what's the best, most natural, long lastin and price efficient between, sculptra, fat grafting & silicone and can you recomend an expert ,trusting doctor in NYC for the recommended procedure. I also i a tortureous problem with bumps in my cheeks. I've been to close to a dozen doctors that are bafled with the problem . It began with acne scars which was supposely filled in with the skin behind my ears .

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Fillers are great products to correct facial deflation.  It is not an answer for someone who needs a lift as well.  Fat grafting is permanent but does need repeating because not all fat "takes" during the injection process. This will cost more in the short run but may not in the long run. The absorbable fillers like the HA's and Sculptra will need to be repeated every 6-9 months.  I am not a fan of silicone because I have seen too many problems with it over the years and it cannot be removed easily. 

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Fat Grafting is Most Cost Efficient Long Term

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          Fat grafting produces natural results, which are permanent.  80 to 90% of the fat survives long term.  Although you may pay more for this initally, long term it pays for itself.  In addition, you cannot get more natural than your own fat.

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