Should I get the Natrelle 410 anatomical implants or regular round silicone?

I went to 3 consultations, and the PS whom I liked best recommended the Natrelle 410 implants. While I want the natural look, I've read so many conflicting opinions that I am not confident that I will be happy with those. My stats are: 37 yrs, breast fed 2 children 5'1, 113 lbs. Breast width: Right= 13.9 cm, Left =13.5 Breast base width: R= 12.3, L=11.9 approximate volume: R= 146.5 cc, L= 174.6 cc

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Allergan 410 implants are wonderful but implant selection is not the most important aspect of your decision

I personally use almost exclusively Allergn 410FM implants although I do use Sientra and Mentor MemoryShape on occasion.  I simply NEVER use round implants because they cannot create quite as nice of a shape.  I completely disagree with comments about upper pole fullness lacking with shaped implants.  Shaped implants allow the opposite- a taller higher base for true upper pole fullness.  Unfortunately the most commonly used technique in breast augmentation, the dual-plane technique flattens the upper pole of the breast anyway making anatomic implants pointless in my opinion.  I only place implants in a true subfascial plane and am able to get supported, natural sloping breasts with natural appearing upper pole fullness.  Find a surgeon with experience placing 410s in the subfascial plane!  My personal opinion is that most women are best served by the FM style 410s.  I hope this helps!

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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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Allergan 410 versus Smooth Round

It is confusing to get different opinions.  Anatomically shaped implants can look fantastic, as can smooth round implants.  I have seen 2 patients with late rotation of anatomically shaped implants, which required re-operation.  For that reason I use smooth round implants.  Best of luck

James N. Romanelli, MD, FACS
Long Island Plastic Surgeon
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Should you get shaped or round breast implants

Thank you for your question.  Both shaped and round breast implants can look excellent if placed properly.

Shaped rest implants are technically more challenging to place properly  thus revision is more often necessary.  If this concerns you then you should request that your surgeon place round breast implants.  I am sure that the plastic surgeon who recommended shaped implants would be willing to place round implants if that is your choice.

Best implant

Thank you for your inquiry about the best breast implants for you.

The anatomical implants are designed for women who do not want upper breast fullness after their implants. The normal adult female breast slopes to fullness in the lower half. So if you want upper pole fullness, you may be best with round implants. If you do not want that, you may be best with anatomical implants.

Return to the plastic surgeon whom you preferred and discuss your concerns - and it may help to read less on line. Sometimes the more opinions there are about things that are not specific for you and your goals, the most confusing it can be. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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