Will the Nasolabial Angle Decrease After 3 Weeks? (photo)

i had septorhinoplasty exactly 3 wks ago. i'm of middle eastern descent so maintaining the ethnic aspects of my nose was REALLY important to me, i.e. NO upturned tip. my PS said he understood this but post-op that's not what i see. i know the tip does drop and it takes a year to heal but looking at my nose at 3 weeks (left picture), do you think my nose will settle to the 90 degree position i want (right picture)? i should add no columellar strut or graft support was added. thank you!

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Tip issue and ethnicity

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The tip will drop a bit with time, but it may not achieve the 90 degree angle you are hoping for.  Best to discuss with your surgeon.

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Nasolabial angle

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The nasolabial angle does tend to decrease somewhat over the first few post-operative months, but the surgical approach and techniques used affect this to some degree.   I recommend that you mention these concerns at your next visit and discuss with your surgeon.

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