What Are the Names of Techniques How a Tip Can Be Lifted?

What is the technique used in rhinoplasty for listing the nose without making it more projected in length or making it wider?

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Techniques to lift a tip during rhinoplasty

 There are multiple different techniques to lift the tip of the nose which include suturing the tip cartilages together, adding a cartilage graft such as a Peck onlay graft or a Sheen shield graft to the tip, cartilaginous strut, tongue and groove technique. The more important matter to consider is choosing your surgeon who has extensive experience in rhinoplasty to optimize  for the best results

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Rhinoplasty to lift the nasal tip.

There are many techniques to lift the nasal tip. Do not choose the technique since this is beyond your scope of learning. Choose a surgeon who does natural noses and he will know which technique to use. If you try to choose based on a name  you will get into trouble.

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Rhinoplasty Includes Lengthening the Lip at the Expense of the Nose.

You have a not unusual situation.  It seems to me that the nose-lip angle is not satisfactory.  You would like to see it lifted very gently.  On profile, two things will be accomplished:

1. Your lip will appear longer, which would work for you.

2. Your nose will appear smaller.

Your nose should not be tilted up any more than you have demonstrated it.  Often, that is the only thing required if the rest of the nose is satisfactory.  I cannot see your front view, but assuming your nose is not too wide, then the big victory here will be obtained after the procedure that I described.  This is done internally through a closed rhinoplasty approach.  It appears the open rhinoplasty is not necessary to gain exposure to the upper portions of your nose. 

Also what would need to be determined: if your nasal tip depresses with a smile. If it does,the release of depressor septi muscle of the time of surgery would be in order; also a handy thing to do through the same internal incision.

Do your homework, visit a lot of nasal surgery websites, read a lot of books, and you will make a good decision.


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What Are the Names of Techniques How a Tip Can Be Lifted?

I think you are asking about columellar reduction of the columellar labial angle??? Best to be seen IN PERSON! 

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What Are the Names of Techniques How a Tip Can Be Lifted?

     A cephalic trim with suturing techniques to refine the tip results in the most natural results without the worry of palpable or visible cartilage grafts.  The dorsum has also been manipulated in the photo transition.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Raising the nasal tip

There are many technqiues to raise the nasal tip.  Find a surgeon who you are comfortable with and does great work.  Good luck.

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Techniques to increase tip rotation

There are a number of techniques to "lift" the tip and rotate the tip.  The choice of appropriate technique depends on what other alterations to your tip shape and nasal profile are desired, because they often have secondary and tertiary effects.  Some of the techniques that can increase tip rotation are: columellar strut, cephalic trim, lateral crural steal, caudal septal excision, tongue-in-groove, plumping grafts, etc.

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What Are the Names of Techniques How a Tip Can Be Lifted?

While your videoimaging photos are very small and do not provide much detail the result does look fine. The bridge appears straight and there is a hint of a supratip break. With regard to projecting the nose this is typically performed using a columella strut or tongue in groove technique to add projection. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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