What's the Best I Can Get With My Nose? (photo)

I'm looking to reduce the sides/walls on either side of the bridge to reduce the bulbiness factor, and potentially decrease the total length of the nose afterwards.   Am i being too idealistic, if not, what type of surgery is categorized as, and what price should be reflected for the work put in to work on my nose.   Once again, goal is to slim down the sides of the wall, so im left with a straight long slim nose, and then to reduce the total length (bridge) of the nose. Also is anyone able to elaborate as to what method the doctor will probably use to remove the side walls of the nose, and the reduce the total length of the nose.   And no, my eyes are hazel green.

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Rhinoplasty To Slim and Narrow the Nose

The manuevers that are needed to help narrow your sidewalls and shorten the tip of your nose are standard rhinoplasty techniques. Low lateral nasal bone osteotmies would need to be done as well as the tip cartilages shortened. The real question is whether what is possible will be acceptable to you. You will need to consult with a plastic surgeon and get computer imaging done to see if what is possible will be enough of a result for you.

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Rhinoplasty to decrease width and reduce length of nose

It is extremely difficult to give you a detailed answer on what techniques would be used during rhinoplasty surgery based only on a frontal view. In general, I would suggest an external (open approach) where the bridge of the nose is straightened by taking down some bone and cartilage to create a strong, straight profile on profile (side) view. At the same time, the nasal bones can be narrowed by bringing the bones toward the middle with fractures (called osteotomies) which allow for the side walls to be less wide and round. Based on the frontal view, you would also benefit from suture tip refining techniques and an alar base reduction to reduce the width of the base of the nose and the nostrils.


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Rhinoplasty Expectations

Your goals are very reasonable.The bridge is narrowed by repositioning the nasal bones. The nose is typically shortened by lifting the nasal tip. Costs vary, but you will spend $7,000-10,000.

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Rhinoplasty to narrow the bridge

It is impossible to go over all the details of rhinoplasty surgery based only on a single frontal view photo, especially with the head tilted to one side in the photo. Narrowing of the bridge is a very common part of rhinoplasty surgery. A small chisel is applied to the cheek nasal bone junction and in some cases to the upper bone part of the bridge. The makes the bone segment mobile and you can narrow the bridge by simply moving both bone sidewalls towards the midline. The vertical length of the bridge can be adjusted by some combination of bridge cartilage shortening and upward rotation of the tip.

The procedure is categorized as a rhinoplasty and its components are common parts of rhinoplasty surgery.


What is the best you can get depends on who you pick as your surgeon and what you have him or her do. The bridge is definitely wide so if you narrow it but don't overdo it you should have a good result.

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What's the Best I Can Get With My Nose?

 Aesthetically speaking, your nose is wide and crooked.  During the Rhinoplasty, the nasal bones would be broken and moved towards the midline to narrow the nose.  The nasal tip would be thinned and rotated upward slightly making the nose appear "less long".  Hope this helps.

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Rhinoplasty Expectations

Your front only picture makes it very hard to make full comments. From the front view I can see you have a wide nasal bridge which can be narrowed with nasal bone fractures. If I could see the side view I could make more comments for you. There are a multitude of nasal cartilage maneuvers that can be done to refine the tip. I would suggest you find a board certified surgeon who performs many Rhinoplasties per year. Build a good relationship with your surgeon and make sure the two of you have realistic goals and expectations.


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