The End of my Chin is Very Fleshy and Sticks Out. Is It Possible to Reduce This?

It makes my jaw look like it is too far forward but it is just too much fat on the end. My teeth are aligned correctly. Thankyou.

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Chin Reduction Surgery depends on the actual cause

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Many people complain of a "large chin". This may be the result of a prominant jaw bone or prominant soft tissue. The treatment varies siginficantly depending on the cause. If your jaw bone (mandible) is too prominant, then bone reduction surgery can be done. This can be a significant surgery in some cases and requires the expertise of an orthognathic surgeon.  If the cause is too much soft tissue, the treatment is easier. It is possible to remvoe some of the fat and soft tissue of the chin through an incision that is hidden in the  crease beneath your chin.  If you have a normal amount of soft tissue, but it jsut seems to "droop" like a witches chin, then the treatment would be to internally lift the tissue and sometimes even add a small chin implant. 

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