I found out I have the mutation of the Factor 5 gene can I still have a BA?

Hi I am 31 yrs old I have had 5 C-sections, gallbladder surgery with no issues never even knew I had this until I found my birth fam and found out they have it. I then got tested and they said I have the factor 5 mutation gene. not sure what that means yet I have to go meet with Doctor next week. My question is can I have a BA still? also they did a blood smear and food that my blood was clumping together just a bit, but everything else was ok, what does that mean? please help I'm freaking out

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I found out I have the mutation of the Factor 5 gene can I still have a BA?

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Don't freak out--you have had many surgeries before and have been ok.  It sounds like you have Factor V Leiden mutation which is a genetic mutation that increases your chances of having blood clots.  This certainly places you at increase risk of developing blood clots during surgery so should be considered especially given a breast augmentation is an elective, cosmetic surgery.  I would not say it is a hard contraindication but you will need to have a lengthy discussion with your plastic surgeon about the risks/benefits of the surgery and they will likely insist that you have medical clearance by a hematologist (specialist in blood disorders) to ensure that it is safe for you to proceed with surgery; special precautions such as medications may be needed. Best to discuss the situation with your doctor, plastic surgeon, and their anesthesiologist ahead of time so that a plan is in place!

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Factor V Leiden

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This genetic mutation increases your risk of blood clots. Obviously you have undergone a number of operations without problems so far. 

Most of the time a patient undergoing elective surgery in this setting will be prescribed a short course of blood thinners.

Best advice--see your hematologist, and review the pros and cons of elective surgery, and ask that doc to recommend anti-clotting therapy to your surgeon.

All the best. 

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Hi, this is common, I would have you see a hematologist before surgery and likely put you on a blood thinner, it happens from time to time

Factor 5 issue and surgery

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With this problem you have the risk of getting clots more likely than the general population. Best to be seen first by a hematologist to get clearance and recommendations.

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