Can I Switch Over the Muscle to Under the Muscle (Sub Fascial) Implant to Prevent Future Sagging? (photo)

I was a natural 34dd, lost over 30 pounds, lost fullness and saggy breast, i got saline implants over the muscle (5 months ago) 650 cc left 700 cc right moderate plus (ps recommended under the muscle but not without a lift) i did not want a lift so ended up over the muscle.I feel my breast are going to sag even more over time and I want to know before this happens, if is possible to switch from over the muscle to sub fascial under the muscle without a lift, if i need a lift what kind of lift?

update 4/24/12:
i meant to say switch to dual plane or partially under the muscle many thanks!

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You have this all wrong unfortunately.

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First of all, anatomically you needed a full lift right from the start.  No implant will ever lift the breast, just make it bigger and fuller.  Subfascial is ABOVE the muscle, not below.  Neither above or below the muscle will matter because you still need the lift for the best look.

Can I Switch Over the Muscle to Under the Muscle (Sub Fascial) Implant to Prevent Future Sagging?

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Thanks for the excellent photos. I agree with Dr Rand 100% You need OTHER opinions in person to achieve the requested appearance. There was no way to obtain the look without a full lift and the scars with it Sorry. 

Breast Implants And Breast Lifts

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Implant position will have no effect on the outcome or appearance of your breasts.  The most important thing you can do to change the appearance of your breasts is to get a full lift, and possibly some tissue reduction as well.  This will ensure a pleasing shape and a more durable result.  Implants are best placed in the partial subpectoral position.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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