I'm an Athlete, What Type of Breast Implants Do You Recommend?

I am muscular and an athlete. I am 5'4,153 lbs & a size 36B. I once had nice perky C's. Then after a body building show and a baby (i got to 210 lbs.) Now being lean/fit again my breasts are saggy, small and go out to the side. I want implants, but not sure on the technique to do.

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Type of Breast Implants for athlete

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Implant selection should be a collaboration between the patient based on her needs/objectives and the surgeon based on his or her expertise and experience. A breast list is another consideration/possibility. Consult with 3 board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options and choose the surgeon/surgical plan that best meets your needs/objectives.

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Breast implants

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If the breasts sag you may need both al ift and an augmentation. An exam would be telling and would guide the decision making process.

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Best Technique for Breast Surgery?

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Thank you for the question and review of your history.

Based on your history of significant weight gain/loss  and the description of your breasts as “saggy, small and go out to the side”,  I wonder if you would benefit from breast lifting as well as breast augmentation surgery. This determination is best made after in person physical examination or (second-best)  after viewing pictures.

Generally, to go from “saggy” to “perky Cs"   does hint that a breast lift may be indicated.

I would suggest that you send pictures for better advice and/or see well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.  Physical examination and a full discussion of your goals will be helpful in determining the best way to proceed for you.

I hope this helps.

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