What is the Month by Month Process of Having Hair Transplants?

What is the process of having hair transplant procedures like? Describe the the first consultation to the final results?

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Step by step process in hair transplant surgery.

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Step by step process in hair transplant surgery.
1) Consultation
2) Surgery
3) Most of the hairs fall out weeks after surgery
4) You may look worse for awhile
5) Hairs start to grow and you see results in 6 to 12 months

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Hair Transplant Surgery Process

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During the first consultation you will meet with the surgeon for an assessment of your baldness, to communicate your goals, and discuss a plan (coverage desired, number of grafts needed, donor source, hairline design etc). You’ll also see the clinic’s prior before/after photos. Leading up to the surgery, and depending on the donor source, you may be instructed to treat certain areas with Rogaine or shave certain areas on a specific date. In the operating room, the surgeon does all FUE excisions and creates microscopic slits in the recipient area for implant. This whole process takes several hours, more or less depending on how many grafts you need. You’ll leave the clinic with detailed post-op care instructions and prescriptions for antibiotics, painkillers, and any topical treatment. Healing typically occurs within 2 weeks and new growth should start around 4 months. Maturation of hair takes up to 18 months.

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Hair Transplant Procedure: Step by Step

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In my office, we first either meet with the patient or evaluate photos
by email, sometimes accompanied by a Skype(R) webcam consult.  The
procedure is then performed, then patients return the first post op day
to have a hair wash.  Dissolvable sutures can be removed, avoiding the
need for a return appointment, and follow up is then usually performed
at 8 to 10 months to assess regrowth at that time.

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Detailed description of Transplant Process

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You are first seen by a patient advisor who goes over the whole process from start to finish. You are shown many books of before and after results that we have personally achieved over the years. You get to see the facility and even meet the technicians who help with the transplantation process. You then meet with Dr. Galitz or Dr. Epstein who will be the surgeons desiging and doing the actual transplant work. The process with the doctor is about a 45 minute consultation. All aspects will be fully explained again and the doctor will design and show you the expected results. If you decide to persue the transplant the patient advisor then goes over all the costs and surgical dates with you. The morning of the surgery you will be given light oral sedation ( Valium and\or Ambien ). Then Dr Epstein or Dr. Galitz will come in and design the transplant that was previously agreed upon. The donor site area hair is cut just enough to remove the strip and then leave the area camouflaged after closure. An automated local anesthesia wand is used to numb the scalp painlessly and then the donor strip is removed and the area closed in about 5 minutes. The strip is then given to a half dozen technicians who cut out the individual follicules under the microscopes. All hairs are carefully prepped and stored to maintain their health. Then Dr Galitz or Dr Epstein comes in and carefully places the mico-recepient sites. Once the sites have been made the hair technicians then carefully place the grafts into them. Depending on how much hair is placed the process can be 1 to 6 hours long ( lunch is on us ). You leave the office with antibiotics and pain pills and a set of written instructions. We like to see all patients back the next day for a hair washing and graft check. Donor strip sutures are removed at 8 days post-op or if you are out of town self-dissolving sutures are used. Periodic follow ups are scheduled to monitor your progress and you watch your new hair gradually grow in over the next 9 months..voila!

Hair transplants vs the Fleming-Mayer Flap timeline.

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Hair transplants are like planting blades of grass. After each session the hair falls out and doesn't start to grow for 3-4 months and at a rate of 1/4 to1/2 inch per month. It takes 3-4 sessions done 4-6 months apart to give a look of some density. The Fleming-Mayer Flap is like transferring an entire piece of sod at one time. Therefore, you are finished in 2 weeks and the hair doesn't fall out. We have performed both procedures for more than 35 years and you can read more on our website.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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