What's the Minimum Time That I Need to Wait Before I Can Start Removing a Fresh Tattoo?

I just got my tattoo done a day ago,and it is not at all what i wanted ,can any one tall my how log do i have to wait to start removing it,and if any one can give me an estimate of the time and the number of sessions needed? PLS Help.

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Tattoo Removal?

Thank you for the question and picture.

I would suggest that you wait at least one month after tattoo placement to begin laser tattoo treatment. Remember that the skin was traumatized during the tattoo placement and should be healed before it is re-traumatized with the laser tattoo treatment.  Otherwise you are at  increased risk for scarring etc.

Based on the picture of the  professional tattoo you probably will require  at least 8 to 12 treatments  of the  tattoo (depending on the depth of the tattoo ink).  Generally the area involved ( as well as your skin type) does tend to respond relatively well to laser tattoo treatment.

Best wishes.

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Tattoo Regret prompts question about laser removal

The good news is that you can start right away. There is no wait time required. Actually, I have seen quite a few people that decide right away that they want to get rid of it.

Laser removal is a gradual process that often takes one to two years. The entire tattoo is treated and the sessions are spaced at least four weeks apart. Although some tattoos may go away in as few as three or four sessions, most of the time, you are in for eight to twelve or more treatments.

It looks like you have fair skin and a dark tattoo. Both are good for laser tattoo removal.

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