What should the minimum requirements be for me to judge a Plastic Surgeon for a Rhinoplasty Revision? (photo)

I need significant tip work and grafting. I cant afford to NOTchoose a doc who is an expert in Revisions. After being double board certified in Oto/PS, what if they just show me pics of their best work?

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Rhinoplasty patient and surgeon expectations

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It is important to have realistic expectations when undergoing a revision rhinoplasty since it is simply the hardest procedure to perform in the field of cosmetic surgery. Thick skin will be a limitation in obtaining a very defined result in the nasal tip. Look for a surgeon who has extensive experience and rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and is dedicated a very significant amount of her practice to the subspecialty.

Rhinoplasty surgeons

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I think you should start off by looking for a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon that is board certified and has some years under his/her belt. You also want to check out his/her work. Good luck.

Rhinoplasty Revision

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Board certification and years of experience is important. Patient selection is also critical to success. Few surgeons would be willing to tackle your nose I am afraid. The structure of the heavy thick skin and poor cartilage support make it unlikely you will get the result you think you will no matter the surgeon's skill. You might want to consider not doing further surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty and the Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Rhinoplasty is the most challenging of facial plastic procedures. Indeed, mastering Rhinoplasty is considered by many of us to be a specialty unto itself. Although there are never any guarantees about the quality of any Surgeon, you should at least make sure that he/she is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Those that claim that there is a quality concern with either specialty probably suffer from some degree of insecurity. You should inquire if Rhinoplasty makes up a significant portion of that Surgeon's practice. You should ask to see a range of results in different patient types and ask to speak with patients who have had the procedure performed by your Surgeon. Lastly, you should feel comfortable with the advice and recommendations of hour Surgeon. Good luck in your search.

Choosing your plastic surgeon

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Choosing your plastic

When considering cosmetic surgery, there is nothing more
important than choosing the right cosmetic surgeon.

Any physician can call himself/herself a cosmetic surgeon. A
board Certified Plastic surgeon, by The American Board Of Plastic Surgery is
the only recognized board, certifying plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Board
certified Plastic Surgeons are dedicated to cosmetic surgery including Breast
enhancement, body contouring and all aspects of Facial rejuvenation. They are
trained in cosmetic procedures of the face and body that help you look natural
and younger. Plastic surgeons adhere to the highest code of ethics. Do not
assume that doctors who claim to be “board certified” have the same training.
Board certified plastic surgeons have at least 2-3 year of plastic surgery
training in addition to training in general surgery or other recognized
specialty by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Your cosmetic surgery should be done in an accredited facility;
the surgeon should have privileges to do these same procedures in a hospital

Your board certified plastic surgeon should spend the time
to answer all your questions. Welcomes questions about the procedure, and seeks
the input of the patient in the decision making process.

During the consultation come with a list of questions that
should be answered thoroughly. Discuss risks and complications and how these
complications are handled.

Ask and be thoroughly informed about finances, including
financial obligations for revision surgery and cost.

Ask who will do the preoperative and post operative care and
follow up. It is the plastic surgeon’s responsibility to do so.

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Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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