What is the Minimum Duration for Second Cycle of Roaccuatne Treatment?

Iam 28 yrs old female, i took roaccutane at 1st time sep 2008 for 6 months,10mg,then i did another cycle on sep 2009 10mg 60 capsule.now i started to get the same acne i got it at the 1st place made me take roaccutane,so iam thinking of going for 3rd round but iam not sure for how long should be this time?and basically i did hormone test analysis before and my testerone level is high,beside Polycystic ovaries. Will i need to repeat it regularly in the future?what will do when i get married?

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Accutane courses

A course of Accutane is based on your weight, and the type, severity, and location of your acne, as well as the environment in which you live. You must get a minimum amount of mg of the medication into your system to combat all of these things. 10mg is a very minimal dosage so if that's what you are taking, you will need to be on it 2-3x longer than patients who take 20mg (the usual normal first dosage) or 40mg (which is a higher dosage). Quite frankly, if you acne isn't resolving, it's not about how many times you need to take it in your lifetime, but it's that you aren't getting enough of the mg in your courses to combat the acne to begin with. Married people take Accutane, but if you want to have children, you MUST be off the medication a minimum of a month prior to conception.

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