What is the Minimum Age for Asian Blepharoplasty if Psychological Factors Are Included?

Hello, I would like to have a medial canthoplasty and asian blepharoplasty done. What procedure(s) are reccomended for a higher crease and "non ethnic" apperance? What is the minimum age?

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Appropriate age for Asian Blepharoplasty

I prefer that patient is over 18 before performing cosmetic surgery. The more important issue is whether the patient is mature enough to understand the implication of surgery and possible risks and complications that can occur with any surgery, specifically, cosmetic surgery. The type of Asian Blepharoplasty and/or epicanthoplasty for Asian patient really depend on your anatomy and your goals. The best thing is the bring pictures of eye shapes that you like and discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon.

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Asian eyelid surgery

Minimum age is 18 years old.  At any age family support can be very important.  You'd heal within a week or so but your new eyes can be an adjustment for you and those close to you.  The type of crease and eye shape that is possible in you really depends on your anatomy and facial features.  Get several consultations with surgeons who treat Asian patients frequently.


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