What is the Best Method for Correcting Severely Atrophied Calf Muscles and Ankles Due to Club Feet?

My goal is to obtain a natural and anatomically correct look to my legs. I’ve considered fat transfer but perhaps a combination would work best for a natural look? I am 4’11 and 105 lbs, and I have a soft build and not athletic, so I am afraid of seeming too muscular in the lower leg region. I’ve waited a very long time before even researching but my insecurities have gotten the best of me after 27 years, it makes me sad. My weight usually fluctuates between 103-110. I appreciate any help.

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Calf implants

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  • Soft solid small tapered calf implants are probably the best approach for your legs.
  • Whether you need two implants in each leg, one in each leg or need to start with one because of tissue tightness is determined at surgery.
  • Implants by Spectrum and Allied Biomedical are very soft and look natural.
  • In the consultation, the surgeon should have a range of shapes and sizes to show you.
  • Others can be ordered if in doubt about the right size and shape implant.
  • Choosing the right implant(s) is critically important in this operation.
  • Do not choose a surgeon who does not have time to help you decide.
  • Best wishes.

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