What is the Medical Name for Sacks of Skin Inherited at Birth on the Lower Eyes?

face name for bags inherited at birth they sit on upper cheek can they be removed by lower eyelift?

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Eyelid bags can be related to skin, muscle, fat or even allergy

Dear Minny

  • It sounds like you are asking about swelling under the eyes that are inherited? There are a few inherited eyelid disorders that you may have if you have a family member with the same problem.  One of these is Blepharochalasis and is associated with thickening eyelid layers.  
  • If the "sacks are lower and next to the cheek, then they are likely festoons and can be treated to look better with a modified blepharoplasty procedure.
  •   Allergies and your hydration level can also affect the swelling around your eyes. 

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Festoons is term for lower eyelid bags

I am not aware of a medical term for lower eyelid bags.  However, the lower eyelid buldges that you complain of are often due to "herniated or protruding underlying fat", which can be removed or re-positioned surgically.  Underlying hypertrophied (thickened) orbicularis muscle may be contributing, as well.                  

If these buldges are large, associated with significant extra swollen appearing skin and are predominantly located at the lower lid and cheek junction, we often refer to these findings as "festoons" or "malar bags".  Festoons or malar bags may also be associated with excess fluid and/or orbicularis eyelid muscle and can often be directly excised and closed with sutures in the proper setting.

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