What is The Median Price of Practioners Servicing iLASIK?

specifically iLasik

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Cost of LASIK surgery

All-Laser LASIK is gradually replacing LASIK using a blade and many LASIK providers consider it the norm now.  Its price therefore often does not differ significantly from LASIK using a blade in many cases although some LASIK surgeons still add a fee for using the femtosecond laser to make the flap.


Costs vary with location and surgeon but $2500 is a very reasonable price for All-Laser LASIK although some LASIK eye doctors charge more than this and other might charge less.  Be careful about low cost providers who try to upsell once you are in the center.  LASIK is a medical procedure and should not be treated lightly.  While everyone is concerned about cost, it is very important that you receive the best quality care as well.

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LASIK pricing

"iLASIK" is usually around $2000-$3000 per eye. It is important however to realize that iLASIK is a marketing term coined by a laser manufacturer. The process only refers to bladeless LASIK using their equipment. There is nothing special about it. The quality of the surgeon is a far more important determinant in the outcome of the surgery that the laser equipment used. My advice is to seek out and well qualified and experienced surgeon.

Ilan Cohen, MD
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