What is the Maximum a Hairline Can be Lowered to in CMS?

If someone is not suffering from hairloss, has perfectly healthy hair like zero hairloss but is born naturally with a high forehead and with a very high hairline and lowering the hairline is only the prime concern and he wishes to have his hairline lowered (aggressive one) what is the maximum that it can be lowered to ? (Male). can it get 6.5 cms from the Glabella ? can this be a permissible hairline ?

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Lowering the haurlines

Aggressive lowering of the hairline may be lowered by hair transplant. May be 2 cm.(Lass than 1 inch)

More than that then you will need a tissue expander and lowering the hairline 3-5 cm ( 2 inches).

Two surgeries and expanding the tissue expander once a week for 2-3 months, then the next procedure of lowering the hairline. You also need to accept a scar in front of the hairline, which can be hidden with another procedure of hair transplant to the scar. Quite an investment in time and money

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