What is the maximum amount of time filler (Perlane) can stay in the face?

Aesthetics-challenged dermatologist sprayed it in a big thick circle around my mouth, and high up along the side of my nose, making me look like a chimpanzee. It seems to be getting thicker/ more volumized with time (almost 18 weeks now). It is very heavy and uncomfortable. Also nerve pain on right side of nose. Ready to rip my face off for relief. How long??? I've had fillers done (well) before and it never felt ANYTHING like this!!

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Perlane longevity

Perlane lasts about 8-12 months in my experience. It can depend upon how many syringes are injected and if there was residual Perlane in the face pre-injection. The best way to get rid of Perlane, which is made of hyaluronic acid, is to have a doctor inject hyaluronidase in all the Perlane treated areas. It works in about 2-5 days to dissolve the filler. And then your face will return to its normal proportions. 

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How long does Perlane stay in the face

Perlane usually stays for 6-12 months but that depends on the depth it was injected, the amount, and the actual placement of it. It doesn't get thicker or more volumized with time - unless you are excessively pressing on it and trying to move it, in which case you could be building scar tissue there. So keep your hands away from it. You don't have to wait for it to go away, or look like a chimpanzee. Just go to a physician and have some hyaluronidase injected to remove it.

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If not happy with your filler (Perlane), then just dissolve it with hyaluronidase

There is no reason to walk around like a chimp and not be happy with your results.  Simply have a physician inject the area with hyaluronidase and this will dissolve the filler very quickly, sometimes before you leave the office.  

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