What is the Max of Fat CC's That Can Be Injected into Butt for Optimal Results?

I have been told by a doctor that 400 cc's is all that the muscle will accept, but other patients advise more cc's and many claim to have had around 1000 cc's with good results.

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Maximum Fat Graft Volume Will Vary for Optimal Results Per Patient

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Without photographs or a physical evaluation, it is difficult to assess precisely how much fat can be grafted into the buttock for optimal results.  It depends on the size of the patient, fat graft harvest, skin/tissue tension and turgor, and a host of additional factors.  In general, when fat grafting, I try to harvest as much as possible, and graft as much as possible, because there will be a certain percentage of fat graft loss.  The average we are able to fat graft with Brazilian Butt Lifts in our office is between 350-750cc depending on the size of the patient.  The most that we have placed was 1400cc per side, but there is a certain maximum volume that can be grafted depending on your anatomy.  Please also be aware that complication rates can increase with larger volume fat grafting.

Ideal Brazilian Butt Lift Graft Volume is Different for each patient

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There are no hard and fast numbers. Depending on my patient's goals, I most often try to graft as much fat as I can.

Maximal amount of fat to be injected during Brazilian buttock lift

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This amount can vary anywhere from 200cc to over a 1000cc, depending upon the patient. What's important to remember is that it's not the amount you inject, but the amount that survives, which is the most critical aspect of this procedure. If you inject too much fat, it will be more difficult for the blood vessels to get to that fat and nourish it. Therefore, more of that fat will die. In some patients 400cc is all that they need, others may require 800cc for example. There is no set minimum or maximum for fat transfer to the buttock. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate for this surgery.

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Maximum CC's per Side for Braxilian Butt Lift

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There is no scientifically established amount of fat that can safely or optimally be injected into each buttocks during a Brazilian butt lift. 

The optimal amount of fat injected during a Brazilian butt lift is dependent on each patient's anatomy, available fat, desires, and the surgeon's technique.

On average, I inject about 350 to 600cc of fat per side while performing a Brazilian butt lift, howerver, some surgeons routinely inject 1000cc or more per side. 

It is best for you to have a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon, get second opinions, talk to previous patients, and most importantly, be sure to see a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has experience performing the Brazilian butt lift and fat grafting.

Jaime Perez, M.D.

Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist in Tampa, FL

Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa, Florida

What is the maximum cc of fat that can injected into the butt for optimal results?

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The amount of fat injected into each buttock depends on a variety of factors. These include thew amoun of donor fat available, the preoperative appearnce of the buttocks, the tautness of the buttocks with incresing amounts of fat injected, and the technique and experience of the surgeon. The columes can vary from 300cc to 600 cc and in some centers over 1000cc . Each patient has to be individualized. The ultimate aim is to get a natural result which is balanced and proportionate to the body and be associated with the least amount of complications.

Brazilian butt lift and total amount of fat injected

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With the Brazilian butt lift there is a point where additional volumes of fat may not make an improvement. There are different techniques to inject the fat but most people will agree that multiple small volume injections give the best results with the best permanent take a fat. Also different doctors may inject different layers in the buttocks. Someone inject only the muscle some will object the muscle in the subcutaneous tissue, some will inject close to the skin some object further away from the skin. All these different things have their pluses and minuses.

In most of my patience want all their fat injected. And in most cases I inject all the fat that's available. 1500ml total is the average amount of fat I inject in my cases. 2200 mL total is probably the largest amount I've injected in a case. This case did very well with a good take the fat and is in my before-and-after photos.

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