What is the Main Reason Why Permanent Vs Dissovable Stiches Are Placed on a Tummy Tuck? Where Are They Placed? (photo)

I have an upcoming appointment to remove my stiches? I was confused by this because I thought all of the stiches were dissolvable. Where are the permanent stiches placed?

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Permanent sutures during a tummy tuck

Every surgeon has a preference when it come to sutures, and we use a permanent suture for the muscle repair, and then all dissolving sutures for the rest of the procedure. We are not fond of suture removal and our patients usually are not either. That can be said for drains as well.

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Sutures after abdominoplasty

Every plastic surgeon has their own routine and preferences for closure of abdominoplasty incisions.  I prefer using all dissolvable sutures to prevent "track marks" on the skin.  Many plastic surgeons use removable sutures on the belly button.  From the picture, I would suspect the umbilical incision is where the sutures will be removed.

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Sutures used in a tummy tuck

Sutures are used to repair the muscle, close the fascia (supportive layer of the skin_ and the skin.

Permanent or dissolving sutures (stitches) can be used.

Pros of dissolving sutures: you don't need them removed.

Con of dissolving sutures: they absorb by inflammation of surrounding tissues. This may cause a tender lump. 

No sutures are perfect. Either choice is fine. Good luck! 

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Sutures used during Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

You will find that each plastic surgeon has his/her preference in regards to absorbable versus permanent sutures. This will hold true for the muscle plication sutures as well as sutures used to close the abdominal wall  Incision line.

You will find out soon enough where permanent sutures were used.  Removal of these sutures should not be a “big deal”.

Best wishes for the remainder of the recovery.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Absorbable versus permanent sutures

This is really a question of surgeon preference - you can get a nice result with either kind.  

I use permanent sutures for the muscle repair.  With the exception of the drain sutures, and a few sutures in the umbilicus, the rest are dissolving.


Thomas Fiala, MD
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