The Best Machine Laser / IPl / or Electrosys for FINE Dark Hair on the Face and Neck, Back and Chest in Women ?

What is the best machine of laser hair removal for FINE dark hair on White light skin ? I was told that laser is no good for fine hair on the face or neck and it should be treated with electrosis which remove hair by hair ? What's the difference between iPl and electrosis and laser and which should I choose ?

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Laser hair removal depends upon the difference between the pigment in hair and the pigment in your skin. The greater the difference, the more effective laser will be. Dark hair on light skin, which you have, is ideal. When the laser enters the skin, it is not absorbed by much pigment in the skin and instead goes directly to the hair follicle. IPL (intense pulsed light) is a broad spectrum of light, not a laser, and is far less effective. I would reserve electrolysis for hairs that are too light to be "seen" by the laser. There is potential for scarring with electrolysis but virtually no risk with laser. Alexandrite is the laser I would look for. It has the highest efficacy for hair removal in most studies. Brand names for this laser include Gentle Max and GentleLASE. Good Luck!

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Which laser is best?

Hello Sarah1234567:

The best situation for any laser based therapy is when the hair is dark and the surrounding skin is light. This way most of the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. You might want to explore options such as a diode laser like the LightSheer Duet or even an ND-YAG laser. These 2 options probably are the best for your situation. IPL is not really a laser  as it uses different wavelengths of light to target many skin structures. Think of IPL as a broad "shotgun" approach whereas diode and ND-YAG is more like a specific "rifle" targeting certain areas of skin. I would avoid personally IPL for what you want to do. Electrolysis uses electrical current to destroy hair follicles and is long and costly.

Hope that helps

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