I have always been on the lower side for my blood pressure, should I be concerned for mommy makeover?

I am really scared for anesthesia as I have never been put under. How risky is it to not come out of this sleeping coma?

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Recovery from anesthesia for mommy make-over

Thank you for your mommy make-over anesthesia question.
  • Anesthesia today is very safe,
  • ideally your anesthesia will be given by a Board Certified anesthesiologist or one will be available to supervise during your surgery,
  • Low blood pressure is usually good, lowering surgical risks.
  • It is extremely rare -  truly extremely rare - for a healthy young person to not wake up from anesthesia these days. Meet with the anesthesiologist if you have health concerns. Best wishes.

Low blood pressure is not a contraindication to mommy makeover.

Many patients present with low blood pressure. Usually presents no problem whatsoever. Occasionally the anesthesiologist Has to administer medication to temporarily increase it.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Anesthesia and mommy makeover

There certainly are risks with anesthesia and no surgical procedure that requires anesthesia should be taken lightly. But if you have your procedure performed by a board certified surgeon in an accredited facility with a certified anesthesia provider, your concern for having any significant anesthesia issues with your procedure should be quite low. We have very sophisticated ways of making certain that our patients are safe candidates for their surgeries and have very sophisticated ways of making certain that they are cared for in a safe fashion during and after the procedure. Make sure that you share all of your medical information with your providers. If you are deemed a good candidate for surgery, there is no need to worry.  

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
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I have always been on the lower side for my blood pressure, should I be concerned for mommy makeover?

The risk of such an adverse event in a healthy individual undergoing a three hour surgery is extremely small.

Find a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of mommy makeovers each year, has great reviews, and has great before and after pictures.

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I have always been on the lower side for my blood pressure, should I be concerned for mommy makeover?

Thank you for the question.
Your concerns are natural  and commonly experienced prior to surgery.
Assuming you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon and board-certified anesthesiologists in a fully accredited  surgery center/hospital ( and have had medical clearance prior to surgery)  you will be extremely likely to have a safe procedure.
 I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

Normal concerns

Most people are concerned about going to sleep for general anesthesia.  That is a perfectly normal concern.  Realize that modern anesthesia is very safe and we work to minimize the risks of surgery.  I tell my patients that anesthesia is like taking an airline flight; we are giving up control which people hate to do, but you know rationally that everything will be OK.  Good luck.

Anesthesia for mommy makeover

Anesthesia is very safe today. Meticulous monitoring by your anesthesia provider as well as the technology available for monitoring make it highly unlikely that you will experience complications.  I have never in my experience of 19 years as a plastic surgeon experienced a patient who did not recover from their anesthesia.  You should have an appointment with your anesthesia provider prior to surgery and this is your opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding anesthesia.  If your trust your plastic surgeon and they trust the provider with whom they work, you should be confident in their skills.

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