What is the Longest Lasting Dermal Filler Available in India ?

My doc says Juvederm Voluma lasts for about two years. But in here it says it lasts only 9 to 12 months. vice versa my experience with Esthelis says that it lasts about three months. Not as per company site which says 9 months. Scluptra which considered to be longer lasting. But not sure if it is available here in India. What is the longest lasting dermal filler available in India ?

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Longest Lasting Filler

    I am not aware of all of the fillers available in India.  However, I would say that facial fat grafting is permanent.  80 to 90% of the fat survives after injection.

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Juvederm second opinion

Dear Priyankagandhi,

  • It depends on where you inject it in regards to how long it lasts
  • Areas with more facial movement tend to make the Juvederm go away sooner
  • Sculptra is a product meant for the cheeks but requires multiple sessions
  • I prefer fat transfer in patients who need more volume (ie more than 6cc of Juvederm)
  • You may want to seek a second opinion if you still have questions

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What is the longest lasting filler ?

Dear Priyankagandhi,

You may have different fillers available in India than we have in the U.S. so you will need to check with doctors in your area to get a consensus on what they feel lasts the longest. But keep in mind everyone is different and individual patient response may vary.   

Juvederm is FDA approved to last up to one year, but I have certainly seen it last 2 years or longer in certain areas like lips and tear troughs.  Voluma is newer and touted as even more long lasting...  

Sculptra on the other hand is not a filler, but a collagen stimulator. Individual response to this can vary widely from  good results to so so results. It usually requires a series of treatments and in some cases there have been adverse results reported such as hyperactive immune response, and the formation of nodules. So choosing a filler may be more about risks vs benefits, not just how long it lasts. 


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