Is the Lifestyle Lift Possible for a 63 Year Old Man? (photo)

Is the Lifestyle Lift Possible for a 63 Year Old Man?

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Facelift for a 63 year old man

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Male facelifts have gotten much more popular over the years.  We regularly perform them in our office.   Men do take longer to heal due to thicker skin, more swelling, beard pattern, etc, so do not expect miracle results within the first week.  

Is 63 too old for a facelift

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I had my facelift at65 and I am thrilled. I had a board certified surgeon do a real facelift customizing the operation to correct my sagging neck and jawline.. I had retrusion of my chin so a chin implant was inserted to maximize the effect.I look great feel great and would never compromise on my appearance or health. Do you really want to be awake during your surgery at Lifestylelift?

Is the lifestyle lift for men?

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A better question would be am I a candidate for a facelift? From your picture you look like you are in great shape. It is difficult to determine the degree of aging in your face or neck from the picture that you have provided. A facelift is good at addressing jowling and laxity in the neck (turkey neck).  Another consideration is that it appears that you keep your head shaved. While this is by no means excludes you from getting a facelift, it is important to be aware that it is impossible to completely hide the incisions. That being said, I have done facelift procedures on healthy men in your demographic who shave their heads and they have healed extremely well with almost complete camoflouging of the incision.

I would visit with a couple different qualified and experienced surgeons who will give you a comprehensive and honest assessment and provide you with an effective treatment plan. Remember that the lifestyle lift is not a revolutionary procedure and there are plenty of well trained surgeons who can provide you with great results and a great experience as well. Good Luck!



Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 34 reviews

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Facelift for a 63 Year Old Man?

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As Dr. Miller pointed out, the photo is too limited to give an individualized answer.  However, I would like to provide some generalized advice.  More and more men are seeking facial rejuvenation and wish to have it in a natural and inconspicuous way.  In the last 5 years, I have had a much larger percentage of men come forward seeking to address aging face changes.  Generally speaking, for a 63 year old Gentleman, a Facelift will best address concerns surrounding laxity in the lower face and neck.  The best way to achieve excellent results is to see several independent Facial Plastic Surgeons in your area who will customize (as described by Dr. Ellenbogen) the procedure to your needs and specifications.  As Dr. Miller pointed out, a lifestyle lift is not a revolutionary procedure, but it is very heavily marketed.  So do your research and proceed with the Surgeon you feel most comfortable with.

LiteLift® Good Alternative to Lifestyle Lift

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The Quick answer is that the Lifestyle Lift company has declared bankruptcy and out of business - i.e. It is not available anymore:

Lifestyle Lift a trademarked brand name and also is a chain of facial cosmetic clinics with headquarters in Troy, Michigan.
As advertised, the LIFESTYLE LIFT is a minimally invasive, short scar lower face lift performed under local anesthesia and yes it involves cutting and sutures. The reason no one will tell you is probably because as far as I can tell there is no one specific technique, or even a published description of why this differs from other short scar techniques. It is performed by Facial Plastic Surgeons, Head and Neck Surgeons, and Plastic Surgeons.

The LiteLift® however is a great and safe alternative and has been around for a similar time period. If you are in good health, 63 is one of the more common ages for this procedure. It is only performed by board certified plastic surgeons. It is a short scar modified facelift offering in office local anesthesia and oral sedation as well as other methods of anesthesia.See the below link for more information

Non surgical Ultherapy for men

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An excellent non surgical option for neck and face lift options is Ultherapy, which can provide an option to surgery in those requesting facial rejuvenation, particularly men.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Los Angeles

Is the Lifestyle Lift Possible for a 63 Year Old Man?

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The Lifestyle Lift can be very effective in treating advanced signs of aging in a 63 year old male. The basic Lifestyle Lift procedure is a short-flap SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) procedure that has been a proven, well-established facial plastic surgical procedure for more than 30 years. The procedure lifts and secures the sagging skin and deeper muscle tissues from the lower face and neck. The incision is neatly concealed along the hairline, in front of and behind each ear. Excess skin is trimmed and the incision closed. Liposuction may be used in theneck area if needed.Patients receive oral sedation prior to the procedure and the incision line is numbed with local anesthesia. Patients are comfortable, relaxed and alert throughout the procedure. Some patients nap through the procedure.The short-flap SMAS has become an increasingly popular procedure among surgeons for many reasons including safety,efficacy and cost. Each individual is different, but unlike face creams, fillers and Botox, Lifestyle Lift® results are long lasting. Good luck with your search and hopefully you will find a procedure that is right for you. 

Farhan Taghizadeh, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

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