I Think the Lateral Sides of my Nose Have Collapsed. Do I Need an Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Will an Open Rhino Make my Nose Tip Wider? My nose has been operated three times. The last time was 17 years ago. Dr. placed a piece of cartilage from my ear to raise the dorsum. He did a great job and my nose looked great. It's only a few years ago that the bridge became very narrow. Too narrow, so my nose is crocked, the tip looks much wider and I have difficulty breathing. I want to widen the bridge but I'm afraid an open rhino will destroy the good work of Dr. and make my nose tip wider. Can this be avoided?

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Revision rhinoplasty for widening a narrow nose

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 It is possible  to widen a narrow nose. This would involve placing spreader grafts underneath the upper lateral cartilages and extending them into the nasal bones  After medial osteotomies. This should not affect the previous work had been done. This procedure can be performed  by either closed or open rhinoplasty techniques.

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