What is the Best Laser Treatment for Spots and Winklers for Darker Skin?

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Spots and Winklers for Darker Skin?

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Laser Treatments for Spots on Darker Skin

Fraxel Dual is an excellent choice for treating both spots and wrinkles on darker skin. It uses a longer wavelength of 1550nm. Your skin has a darker tone because it has higher levels of melanin. Melanin easily absorbs light from most laser types. This can create the risk of overheating and scarring.

The 1550nm wavelength is not readily absorbed by melanin and can be used to break up unwanted pigment. I've embedded a case study video of an Asian patient who had dark spots removed from her face. Her skin tone is on the medium side, but this would still entail the risk of scarring.

As far as treating wrinkles, the Fraxel Dual helps to induce the formation of new collagen, which contributes to tighter skin and can address deep wrinkles. 

However you may also benefit from dermal fillers as well to fill in lines. Botox or Dysport may also be recommended to relax any muscles contributing to deep creases in your skin. You will need a consultation, of course from a board certified dermatologist.

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