What Do You Recommend As The Best Laser Lipo Procedure?

A year ago I went in the Dr. told me I was a great candidate for vaser lipo and fat transfer to the butt due to my soft skin. I was given trad. lipo without my knowledge. I was mis informed and the surgeon has left the state. I suffered from a horrible infection and was unable to exercise. I have noticed that the fat that was removed has grown back. I want a revision...what's the best laser procedure to remove the most fat, aides in skin tightening, and least likely to grow back?

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Laser Liposuction - Is it worth it?

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The term laser liposuction is quite broad and I would say the main factor in the ultimate outcome that you obtain lies more in the surgeon than in the technology.  Having said that, there are two main devices on the market that provide some results.  The first is SmartLipo which is associated with a very heavily supported marketing drive.  The second is SlimLipo.  Both have several generations, and many SmartLipo device owners benefit from the marketing but may be carrying older less effective lasers.

To determine the effectiveness of the laser in melting fat or obtaining skin tightening, consider the wavelengths that are used.  SlimLipo uses two wavelengths that are highly effective in melting fat or tightening the skin while minimizing collateral damage.  The more recent SmartLipo devices have become better at doing the same.  

I own the SlimLipo device and would say that it enhances the results I would obtain by liposuction alone.  Having said that, the degree of skin tightening has its limit, so I would not advocate this as an alternative to a tummy tuck if your primary concern is skin laxity.  A much stronger result can be obtained by a tummy tuck.

Beware, because both manufacturers will sell to anyone with an MD license who may take a weekend course.  I went to a recent seminar sponsored by one of the devices and saw anesthesiologist, family practice, psychiatry , emergency room and internal medicine doctors attending.  The number of plastic surgeons only two (of more than 20 attendees).

I would feel much more comfortable sending my mother or close family member to a board certified plastic surgeon who does regular liposuction than another physician who took a weekend course and bought an expensive laser.


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i have used "Smartlipo" since it was introduced. It works well BUT, it is the person doing the procedure NOT the device that is used. Today the companies allow anyone regardless of the level of training, to purchase the various laser machines. Check carefully

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Laser lipo

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I personally do not think that the laser lipo devices in general offer any advantage over any other technique used for liposuction.  VASER, PAL, or traditional all work well to remove fat. I do not find that any technique specifically offers any significant skin tightening.

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Best Laser Lipo

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It really comes down to the skill of the surgeon. The technology used is important but it's secondary. Do your research and find a very experienced liposuction specialist with excellent reviews and results. 

Laser lipo for a brazilian butt lift

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Laser liposuction is not an acceptable method of performing a Brazilian but augmentation. Laser lipo will melt and kill the fat. Whenever you're doing a Brazilian but augmentation, you want to make sure that the fat is alive so you will have long-lasting results.

Any correction of liposuction problems requires different approaches. Any liposuction technique will benefit you in order to correct such problems. The liposuction technology doesn't provide the results but the experience of the surgeon

You, better than most, should understand that It's the Surgeon, NOT his Machine, that makes the Difference!

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Hi there-

After your experience, you should have learned that the surgeon performing your procedure and NOT the machine he/she chooses to use is what makes the difference and allows a safe, lovely outcome.

It seems you have misinterpreted your negative experience and believe that your problems were caused by the fact your surgeon used a more traditional technique for your fat removal. That's a shame, because nothing could be further from the truth...

Plastic Surgeons have been successfully improving patients' body contours for over 40 years using tumescent techniques, and to this day, there is no machine that has been proven to be more safe or effective.

There are certain situations where there is benefit to the use of energy (whether power assisted, ultrasound, or laser), but generally these are few.

In other words, I do not think that being sure a "laser" machine is used on you is going to mean you get what you want. Being sure you choose a surgeon with skill and training is.

Generally Laser Liposuctions give 2nd rate results in many cases I have seen.

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The various gimmicky laser liposuctions have been very disappointing in the quality of results I have seen.  The increased risks and poor results have had more than its fair share but  the fabulous marketing of this gimmicky procedure has been amazing and possibly duped unsuspecting patients.  In all fairness, it is the experience of the surgeon and his/her aesthetic eye that is very important in liposuctions and common sense dictates that doing the procedure under local tumescent anesthesia with the tiny micro cannulas give the best results since you can stand the patients up and fine tune the areas without the risks of general anesthesia or big ugly scars or waviness and dimpling or burns and puckering that lasers give.  I have seen a few descent results with laser or vaser liposuctions but that is in the minority.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 46 reviews

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